The first night

Tue 23 Jul 2013 05:04
Rowing at night can, in some respects, be easier than rowing during the day. The heat of the day is gone allowing rowers to cool down and spotting other vessels at a distance is easier thanks to navigation lights.
Sunset 22nd July 2013 – the first night for the NOMAN crews begins.
As it’s summer time the night s relatively short but added to this last night the rowers were bathed in the glow of one of the brightest moon’s we can ever remember seeing.
It’s been a magical evening and even more so as the crews have reported being visited by dolphins.
However, the sun has just risen and the crews must keep pushing onto Ibiza. Thus far the speed of the boats has been amazing. Regularly both crews will exceed 4 knots into a head wind. This is really great pace and one which could mean they arrive into Ibiza on Wednesday morning.
Danielle pause (briefly) to take photos of the cherry red sunrise. Breathtaking.