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Date: 27 Mar 2012 15:41:05
Title: On the move

Lat 9:33.28N
Lon 079:40.08W

After being launched back into the marina on Friday it was a relief to find out that Mystic still floats, despite our newbie approach to replacing a few seacocks. Archie does in fact know his plumbing!

We spent the weekend waiting for the Canal measurer to come and see us. All boats have to be measured by a canal inspector before you are given a date for your transit across. Our transit is now scheduled for 5th April. We could have gone through in a few days but we decided we had time to go to the San Blas islands for a week, as Dad and Jamie don't arrive for another couple of weeks and we think we are on top of the jobs. (famous last words!)

So we are now in Portobello, a tiny town 3hrs sail NE of Shelter Bay. This place had a third of the world's gold pass through it for 100 years in the 1600's before British pirates stole the lot. All that remains are a few largely destroyed forts and a town that is one step above a shantytown. We had a very rolley first night so last night we experimented with a stern anchor as well. Much better.

Today we are heading to meet the guy who is repairing our dodger, a bit further up the coast on tiny island. And then tomorrow we'll arrive in the famous San Blas islands, which some people have argued are more beautiful than the South Pacific's finest. We'll be the judge of that! Should be some beautiful atolls and great snorkeling for the next 6 days.

Then it's back to the marina at Shelter Bay for a night before the canal transit. We don't expect to be able to send emails until we're back at the marina next week, so you can get back to your day jobs and forget about us for a while! Sat phone is currently knackered and needs a fix it man in Panama city as does my camera which is worrying me as you all know I like to take a LOT of photos!

Love to all.
Radio silence begins...

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