Race for time 47:10.777N 16:41.301W

Doug Smith
Tue 21 Aug 2012 15:46
Hello All,
Our position is 47:10.777N  16:41.301W and as you will see I've headed this "race for time"  The reason is that there is a big Low building to the West of us and threatening to be with us by Thursday this week.  That means we can expect a force 7/8 blowing us home and the options of running for shelter are limited, unless we opt to abandon the passage by going into an Irish port, then home by plane and start all over again - which as you will imagine, I don't want to do.  So I'm making all the speed I can and heading for the Tusker Rock - at the South East tip of Ireland, now just 500 miles away, with the intention of turning left and making for Holyhead and hopefully onward to home.  So this may be the last update for a bit, as I might be busy later in the week!  Behind us,we are told the Azores have just experienced a State 1 Hurricane, so it looks as though we got out just in time - but I keep looking over my shoulder.
At present we are about 500 miles west of Brest and 430 miles south west of Cork and the sun is shining with light winds and a slight swell, so all is well.  We ate a 3 course dinner last night and have had lunch for two days on the run.  Rick has taken a greater share of the cooking - apparently its all about portion control,and in his case larger ones, but the standard is impressive.  Not too much to fix lately,just the odd fuse, a filter change in preparation for the worsening weather and the formation of a list of things to do when we get home.  A sad event has been the committal of Andy's best day glow trousers to the deep after the stitching burst due to a fault in the material - he says!  These trousers did valiant service in Antigua and acted as a marker beacon when we returned to our mooring in Galleon Bay, so its sad to see them go.  Dave is giving us the full benefit of his engineering skills, strictly in a consultancy capacity of course, and its still me in the engine changing the filters.  He is also chief wind shift spotter, which we back up with a big Ford Diesel if we miss any!