Fw: Mid Atlantic Blues N. 31.08.41 W52.29.32

Doug Smith
Thu 17 May 2012 17:00
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From: Doug Smith
Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2012 7:44 PM
Subject: Mid Atlantic Blues N. 31.08.41 W52.29.32

Our position is N31. 08. 41  W52. 29. 32.  Hopefully quoting it twice will pick it up on the Google map!
Not a lot of progress recently, we are making about 60 miles a day toward Horta and should be doing 120!  We have actually sailed 1136 miles since Antigua and have sailed 91 miles yesterday - which translated into 60 in the right direction!  The problem is that we are experiencing strong headwinds blowing directly from the Azores and as Moya is a Gaffer, windward ability is not her strongpoint.  Horta is to the East of us and we can only sail either North or South in these conditions - so its hard work.  We still have 1255 miles to go to the Azores and fuel for about 560, so the only solution is to keep on trying to make progress under sail.  The outlook is encouraging as the winds are forecast to turn to the South and then to the west, which should allow us to start to fly in the right direction if the forecast is correct.
The boat is holding up well and we are coping with all the minor problems that crop up - today's problem is the Galley sinks won't drain - but living life with a 20 degree heal for so long takes some getting used to.
Today saw the last of our fresh provisions so a pasta menu is starting to become the norm.
Not much to see out here, we were visited by a pod of dolphins yesterday - and a few ships that passed in the night!  The sky is now bright at night so constellation spotting is the name of the game on watch, and it is generally sunny with cloud during the day.  It is also getting noticably colder, especially at night - so that must mean we are closer to home.

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