Before we set sail 38:81.30N 28:34.57W

Doug Smith
Wed 15 Aug 2012 17:12
Hello All,
Well, I am back to collect the boat, could not wait any longer, although I might review that during passage! 
Crew change this time,  Richard Hoppins and Frank Hogan have stayed at home, well, not exactly home - Frank is treating Pauline to a proper holiday (just before he goes cruising in Greece) whilst Richard has found a new career in boat delivery, and as I write, he is pounding up the Irish Sea delivering a boat to Scotland after Abersoch keel boat week.  I will miss them, but their places have been taken by Andy Holliday and Dave Potter.  Andy is here for his skill in fixing things whilst Dave is hoping to use his Finn techniques pumping Moya home on time and a starter to an "off-shore" future.  We also miss Dave Lennon, the crossing's chief fixer and chef extrodinaire, but he an Jean will be supporting us with daily weather routing.  Rick is also rejoining tomorrow, couldn't do without him if only to remind me that he is really in charge, until it comes to paying the bills - so all set for a good passage!
So far all is going OK.  We missed the connecting flight from Lisbon to Horta - they changed the gate on us without telling us, so a pleasant night in Lisbon Airport was had by all and last night the heads, fixed before we went home last time, failed again, so we are having a busy few days of typical boats!
Anyway, far too busy for me to spend long in writing this, but you may enjoy the photos.  The sea wall in Horta is decorated with drawings by visiting vessels - but not by us, alas! - our resident artist, Scott, is still sailing his boat up the Irish Sea on the way back from Brest, however many others have left their mark.  The pontoons are filled with single handed craft - skimming dishes - about to race back to France, its made Dave envious and me feel ill ,and Andy is demonstrating that life is hard in Peter's bar ashore, wait until he feels the deprivations of the high seas!