Katharine's a Bubbly Mary!

Sun 22 Aug 2004 05:50
21st August 2004. Announcing Kokiri's new crew! Kodiak Island, Alaska

Katharine's a Bubbly Mary!

The official Pidgin expression for expecting a baby!!! The arrival of our
new crew is predicted to be some time at the end of February and are both
exceptionally excited about it. Where we will have it, what we do with the
boat, and all other complicated questions are blissfully up in the air until
we arrive in Canada, but whatever, the baby is on its way!! For the moment
we call it Nipper/Nippa (or more usually already corrupted to Nipprog); on
account of its being made in Japan!

After some initial sea sickness on the trip from Japan and through the
Aleutians everyone on board is doing extremely well and are absolutely
loving the stunning delights of Alaska.

Sending you all our love and happiness as ever,

Peter and Katharine