Kokiri`s Photos from the Federated States of Micronesia

Fri 18 Jun 2004 07:42

Photos from Micronesia.


Katharine Playing Father Christmas on Christmas Eve with our Christmas cake behind and the boat all Christmasy!


Church at Nukuoro Atoll on Christmas day with the scary local Santa Clause’s.


Santa giving Katharine a flower


The most devilish Santa of all!

Christmas day, outside the church in Nukuoro, FSM


Sailing canoe changes ends (tacks) just off Puluwat


Canoe roaring along, fishing along the reef edge in the open ocean


Entering the Puluwat Lagoon


Peter takes Mariano and Rapwi ashore in the leaking dinghy. Note the hole underneath Peter’s leg!


Building the dinghy in view of Kokiri in the best workshop in the whole world!


A few of our helpers sanding the dinghy


Peter steams along on the dinghy’s first sea trial.


New canoe house under construction


Ready for roofing


Canoes come home after a long days fishing


Fresh fish on offer




Mariano’s family wish us a fond farewell


Bryde’s whales on the passage to Olimarao


Deserted paradise, turtle nest, breeding noddies, crystal oceanic water…


… and us!


Stone money bank in small Yapese village


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