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Date: 18 Jun 2004 08:53:28
Title: Kokiri`s photos from the Solomon Islands

Land fall at Tikopia


Tikopian Chief ‘Ariki Tafua’


Kokiri anchored off Tikopia


Walking through the bush in Tikopia


The devastated village on Tikopia’s windward side


Peter dressed in Tapa and tumeric with Colin


Sailing canoes in the Reef Islands


And again


Carving in Custom house in Star Harbour, built for the Queens visit in 1974


Village scene in Star Harbour


Peter’s Birthday Cake!


The pipe band at Rendova Harbour


Kokiri and the pipe band


Boys in Rendova


Dancing at the feast


Dancing girls dressed in the very elaborate shell money used for bride price


Katharine also dressed in shell money


Children at the feast (note the cross eyed one on the right)


Noro’s pipe band at the feast


Noro leaving the party



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