Day 8: Tues 4th Dec "17:42.22N 41:44.27W"

Lee and Andrew
Wed 5 Dec 2012 10:29
A number of firsts in the last 24 hours
- first time since we’ve launched the boat we haven’t had to wear overalls and thermals must be heading in the right direction
- the number of miles to go are less than what we have sailed
- Lees had her time in the office crossing the Atlantic!
- The wind finally dropped enough so we could get out the A3 – the Brolga is flying and we are sailing! Back to 10 kn boat speed
At midnight we added another first
- in twelve years of sailing we've never damaged a sail now we have another failure on this trip. The A3 literally split last night with no warning or change in wind strength.
So we are running out of options in our sail wardrobe back to the trusty staysail and wallowing for the moment in an awkward swell at 5kn Boat speed and 15-20 wind
Still smiling, eating well etc Lee made Gourmet Pizzas for lunch and we had Pete’s Curry that he took 2 days to prepare

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