Day 5 - If there are two boats on the water it's a race

Lee and Andrew
Sun 2 Dec 2012 10:42
Had the best night to date on the water – brilliant moonlight relatively settled seas and an almost consistent wind. Made for a much more pleasurable sail then the previous nights.
Today we have a boat in front of us – one of the Sunday starters - we’ve been slowly creeping up on her and its amazing how suddenly it becomes the point of interest for the change of watch. Not that were competitive just cruising with intent!
We are trying to 2nd guess the weather, as there is likely to be a big hole coming up, if we were more experienced with Atlantic weather we may have been brave and tried to go over but discretion says go under. I guess we will know which was the best decision in the end. Slowly trying to make some south but its been a difficult route as we want to keep up a little boat speed . Still way too rough and windy to contemplate trying to get the main back on but we will no doubt need it when the pressure drops out.
Another milestone last night with the 1000nm covered in the early hours of the evening, next target Sydney-Hobart 2 (1280nm) need to have some targets as the end is to far to make interesting at this stage.
We have a bet on with Bernd of Islay as to the biggest fish caught but at 9kn plus we have given up trolling we have however caught 1 squid and 1 flying fish so we think we will change the rules to the most species.