No wind, lots of wind but wrong directions

Hanse Sailor
Andy Brock
Tue 26 Apr 2016 19:16
“47:16.45N 12:56.21W”
after a nice afternoon evening we set up for the night with Simon and Jo taking first watch . after a while they were chasing for wind in the right direction and by our shift we were turning on the engine and then turning it of time after time . the wind started to increase but unfortunately from the wrong way which meant that we didnt only get north east winds but heavy seas slowing our progress after such good days in the past . we ended up motoring for several miles straight into the wind with waves hitting from side making uncomfortable progress.  we settle at about lunch  for an hour then back again to NE winds and waves .Had showers as there is still a lot of water in the tanks ,We resemble humans now. (well just about) Had a pleasant  dinner and then set up for a hard night . not much more news and this may be the last  till we hit land . which should be on friday . Will endeavour to drop a blog after a steak and chips and shower .