4 days to go to Azores

Hanse Sailor
Andy Brock
Wed 13 Apr 2016 17:22
“33:59,64N 40:28,56W”
Had a very calm day before the last night low came in and shock us around .
With a pancake breakfast. pasta lunch and a sausage casserole. sun out ,10 knot winds and lovely calm weather . this was all ended by a squall at about 6ish and a night of banging and crashing where i had as much sleep as Simon ever has (who believes sleep is better when you are dead ) so after three hours of interrupted sleep i resumed my watch to the sound of waves hitting the hull and 25knot winds , come out of it unscarred and better for the experience ready for a day of (guess what ) more 25 knott squalls and bumpy waves . as i write this blog Simon is having fun watching the wind go from 330 to  56 in matters of seconds , Jo,s enjoying being his winch monkey and Alex is fast asleep. We discovered that you dont buy American cheese in big cans as it has more colour and preservatives than cheese in it . good for pasta cabanara . Boat holding up very well and besides the pulpit having to much pressure and one of the bolts shearing off . the main outhaul slipping and the in mast furling deciding to do what it wants Hanse Sailor is our trusty home for now.  Alex has found out that the boat cabinets are harder than his foot .
good news is that the grid is looking better for the next three days and then we will have enough Diesel to motor last day to the Horta for a long awaited Steak and chips .
current weather  13 to 17 knot wind speed, 7 to 7.5 boat speed, waves force 5, cloudy , my sleep little, Alexs lots , Jo’s medium, Simons Low to nill, moods GREAT even though Simon has reduced his smoking to 3-4 (he says 1-2)a day