8.54.41N 79.31.55W

Tue 23 Mar 2010 15:55
After a number of delays and frustration at the pace of Panamanian work
efforts, we have finally made it through the Panama Canal. We now sit in
the same ocean that laps at the shores of Australia, albeit around 8000nm
Prior to our own transit, Greg went through the canal twice on other
boats, while Leisha went through one other time. It is certainly an
interesting experience and you certainly feel the throb of world commerce
first hand!
Being stuck in Panama has allowed us to meet many other cruising folk (for
the first time a number our own age), who in most cases are also looking
to cross the Pacific to Australia. We have also been on a number of walks
through the jungle, seeing various monkey and other unknown (to us)
All well otherwise and now provisioning for the leg to the Galapagos
Islands (around 900nm away).