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Date: 23 Jun 2011 21:09:43
Title: Fai Tira leaves Rhodes en route to Symi 36:32.97N 27:50.60E

Fai Tira leaves Rhodes en route to Symi


After waving goodbye to Rob and Jo as we left the harbour, yet again we motored into wind to our next destination, Symi.



We dropped anchor in a small bay home to an amazing monastery, the biggest attraction on the island. 



We had a pleasant motor around to Symi, old town, although we were buzzed by an hydrofoil ferry on the way.



Symi is very attractive, with a calm and welcoming atmosphere.   We found an amazingly beautiful old town that was being steadily refurbished. 



The next morning we readied ourselves for another into wind motor to the island of Tilos.


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