Lines Tied at RLYC

Mon 10 Jun 2013 03:45
6 18. 157N 99 50.972E

Racing against an oncoming squall Liz navigated us through the backwaters of Langkawi, where I took over the helm to roll us effortlessly into our berth here at Royal Langkawi Yacht Club. We were greeted by Div and Antony of Divanty, Fiona of Roam II and Deb of Chinook. Fiona did the right thing and presented us with two very cold beers! No time for rest we headed up to the bar and had a well deserved drink where we were joined by Terry of Roam II and Brian of Chinook. So great to have a whole bunch of friends welcome you to your new home after 1500 nm and thirteen days at sea.