Picton and the Sounds

Simon and Kitty van Hagen
Wed 21 Mar 2012 00:44
Tuesday March 21st.
When the bottle of wine slid off the table as Duet heel  over in a particularly vicious gust, we said; 'That's is, we are not going to the Chatham Islands. We were securely moored up in Picton marina at the time. We have had weeks of bad weather but this took the biscuit so to speak. In the meantime we have thoroughly enjoyed cruising the sounds and walking  the Queen Charlotte Track. We would park the boat on a Pylorus boating club mooring, walk part of the track and take a water taxi back from whence we came.
One evening we were lucky enough to be on one such mooring when a launch came and moored alongside. They asked if we would like a crayfish, would we ever!
One for the Pot
Crown fern
Tory channel
Fiddle head or Koru