Simon and Kitty van Hagen
Mon 23 May 2011 01:45

Duet’s latest position.




Duet has had a very busy six months and we are now in the process of packing her up for the NZ winter. We have taken off the sails, turned out and cleaned almost all the lockers, serviced the engine and the generator and taken our suitcases out from under the bunk.. Farewell to winter here and hello to summer in Europe. Ka kite ano. By for now in Maori


This summer we have circumnavigated New Zealand via Tasmania. A total distance of  3500 miles.

Since our return from the main passage we have had some terrific short cruises up to the bay of islands and back via various other islands and destinations. We have reconnected with old friends and made new.  When not actively cruising or fixing Duet there is plenty of world class theatre and music to enjoy.  We finish with some of our favourite photographs.

Figure 1 devils feeding

Figure 2 Master and Mate


Figure 3 Tasman Island


Figure 4 free range oysters


Figure 5 Disappointment cove Stewart Island


Figure 6 Albatross not wandering

Figure 7 Pegasus Harbour