Waiting for the weather

Simon and Kitty van Hagen
Mon 11 May 2009 05:32

Still in Gulf Harbour



Some people keep asking us why do we keep returning to New Zealand each year. Could this photo give you a clue? We were lucky enough to have a break in the weather allowing us to cruise the east coast of Great Barrier island. A lovely sail of about 5 hours away from our berth.  The east coast is usually exposed to all the swell and prevailing winds. Nice to have had the opportunity to go there.


Long walks along the beach before moving around to another anchorage for the night for a BBQ of smoked fish. A bottle or two of wine makes for a perfect evening – and no sandflies.











We are still waiting for the right weather window to move up to Opua before clearing out and heading north up to New Caledonia. Very cold and rough SW winds with thunderstorms, hail and all kinds of foul stuff has kept up tied up to the dock. Hopefully this week we’ll get away – keep you posted.