Update on Dexter

Dexters Blog
Samantha and David Hitchcock
Wed 2 Dec 2015 13:58
Whats been happening to Dexter?
The first third of the journey all was well, a couple of baby problems, but our track was good and our distance covered great.
Then the second part, due to a problem with the collar protecting the halyards at the top of the Genoa, we found ourselves with the sail out and three lines wrapped around
the top of the forestay. No way to furlt it in. This took three days and three trips to the top of the mast to sort out. We dropped the Genoa in the water, now we a streaky blue sail,
covered with antifoul.
We had to wait for the sea to be favorable to get Steve up the mast ( the bruises will heal ) After several attempts we now have the situation under control. We suffered major squalls the worst
having 54 knots whilst the genoa was tied to the rail. Ingenuity and a lot of discussion provided the solution.
The Genoa is hauled up by the staysail halyard, the original halyard what is left of it is being used as a pole uphaul and we are continuing.
We cannot use extreme sail running, ie Parasailor,  as we need to look after the rig, the forestay is damaged and we dont want it to fail before Martinique, so we are slow. Poled out 50% Genoa.
Now we are at 41W and niping along at 6 knts, we will be there soon.
Crew all well, amazing food between Wills and Elena, fresh wonderful different breads everyday
From all of us, the growing family Ha Ha.


18:08.159N    41:03.379W