Rolling home

Sun 9 Jul 2017 07:07
Pos @ 0700 UTC 50:17N 14:11W. COG 68T, SOG 7 kts, DTG 186M.

Shiver me jellies. May have seen the last few stragglers from the armadas of Portugese Men o' War that we sailed through in warmer waters. Don't know how they would fare in close encounters with the big stingers that infest the northern seas. Ouch!

Big improvement in marine activity. Many whale sightings, some distant spouts, others closer displays, even one pod of pilots who didn't seem to mind if we ran them down. Fortunately no contact. Lots of dolphins and their "performances" improve as we go north. Great bunch crossed the bow, leaping and splashing. Looked like fun but probably not for
whatever they were hunting for tea.

Who switched off the Gulf Stream? Mystery of the voyage, almost constant counter current, robbing us of miles.

Still, wind is back and we are romping towards Baltimore and reunions with old pals; Messrs Murphy, Beamish and Guinness.