Cattitude blog 6th june

Gordon Tourlemain
Fri 7 Jun 2013 15:10
Cattitude Position 08:19.2S 129:34.8W
The Pacific Ocean is big. Really big.
So vast is this body of water, and so relatively empty, that seeing anything other than waves and passing clouds
qualifies as an eventful and exciting day. Since our last post there have been two such days, each filled with
more than their fair share of action.
The first came last week, when at about midday we spotted our first sailboat since leaving the Galapagos. In the distance it
almost appeared as if we were approaching a mirror image of ourselves, leaving some of the crewmates rubbing thier eyes in
disbelief. As it turned out, despite being a white catamaran also flying a red spinnaker, we otherwise had little in common
with the 4 all-vegetarian Swedish crew on board. After a brief chat over the radio we left "Andreas the Swede" et al
behind, and  are looking forward to swapping stories with them on the other side.
Not two hours later, excitement broke out once more as Steve spotted a massive sperm whale off the port bow! We quickly
altered course towards it, and were able to sail by less than 30 feet away, getting closer than any of us have ever been to
such a creature. What a day!
After another week of nothing but blue skies, white-caps and sunshine, we spotted our second boat. This time it was a raggedy
looking fishing vessel that barely looked seaworthy, taking in its long-lines over 700 miles from any landfall. I think we all
wondered, in this infinitely expansive sea, what the chances were of crossing paths with these lonesome sea farers, let alone
almost running over their lines!
The day was capped off nicely with the hooking of a beautiful sailfish, lending some variety to the usual catch of mahi-mahi.
Its slender body measuring almost 6 feet long, it was a first-time catch for all of us, providing a tastey meal and filling
the freezer for many more to come.
Thats all for now! Only 4 more days until we reach landfall in Fatu Hiva!!!