2nd June 2009

Gordon Tourlemain
Tue 2 Jun 2009 22:14

Sunbird position 32:13.5N 54:32.1W
Local Noon on 2nd June

The Magnificent Seven

7 days at sea

Averaging 7 knots a hour

Maybe more

With Only 7 hours of motor-sailing

We are 700 plus 300 nautical miles

To the good


7 players

6 people one bird

A 70ft minus 10ft Sunbird

Who has spread her wings

Via stay sail and spinnaker

To sail the 7 seas

24/7 she glides

Over 7 shades of blue

Under 7 by 7 billion stars

Which we counted


7 is septet

Not sextant

But it is the latter

That has caused Medi to break 7 pencils.

With 7 creases on a knitted brow

She thumbs through 7 pages

On a salt licked almanac

Or consults Steve

Who last did the celestial maths

Some 7 years ago

And draws 7 diagrams

The masters of which

Are dusted down

From a school book

Buried in the bilges of the boat.

Medi returns to her cabin

And soothes an aching brain

With chocolate bar number 7

From a 70 strong cache


7 times a day

Ben goes to bed

Or panics for 7 seconds

Whilst shouting

FISH, I don’t know what to do!

As an aquatic foe

Pulls the nylon tow  

For the 17th time





7 luckless lures

Lost to the sea

The fish hang off the boat

700m away

In 7 shoals

Laughing at our 7cm eyeless flying fish

Which we wished

Would hood wink them a board

Into our gourmet galley

From which our Amanda serves

After her daily dose

Of 7 litres of squash,

7 star fishless food


7 layers of skin

Is what one loses

Whilst sailing under such a sun

Some 7 million billion trillion miles away

I’m tempted to peel myself away

‘Til my bones are exposed

And get a bit of colour about them


7 times

Or more

That skipper Steve has sailed this route

But never with such a crew

Including our fine 1st mate

Gave in on giving up smokes

Some 17 hours into the trip

But has persisted

Along with others

In patiently explaining to me

Certain things

7 times over


So in 7 verses or so

The crew you now know

Leaving me

And I am tree

With my feet rooted in the teak of the toe-board

Head in the clouds