June 8th

Gordon Tourlemain
Mon 8 Jun 2009 18:38
Sunbird position 36:51.9N 35:55.5W
Local Noon on 8th June 

Tall Tree Tales


On a wind-less watch

The mind can wander

Like contra hemispheric cyclones

Dancing on a horizon

Strewn with man-made hazards

Flotsam or jetsam or whatever the name

Barrels and buoys

The threat is the same

Salt soaked tree trunks

Lurk in the water

A dark forest of blue

Out of which

Creatures occasionally break

For us to see

Or them to see us

All shiny too

Smooth grey hulled

Sliding beneath

Vertical white fins

Boldly pointing a long pre-bent finger

At an airless sky

And asking

Oh mother nature

Where is thy wind?

Where is thy wind

And is that more debris I see between me and that place where the Vikings fell off?

No, no, thankfully not.


Downstairs all are asleep

It’s dark

Save for the light

Under which my standby reads

The journals and letters that he stole

From cabins fore and aft

Under my instruction

So that you and I and he may read and enjoy


From a Galley Girl


Dear Diary

The troops are a hungry and appreciative lot. Sure they call them crews but I like troops as it puts me in charge, though he (Steve) is the commander, it’s my spatula against his spinnaker!

And you cannot live on wind alone, though the smelly boys do make a good effort at it.

And bless those Scottish lads. They have been making bread. Appropriate really as they do say that the Jocks can make the dough last! Tight buggers!





Medi’s Mind

(Extracted from a letter to her mother)


....I am a bit perplexed. The skipper and crew believe me to be a slacker. How can this be? My ropes are always neat and I’ve only been late for my watch once. Plus I’m the only one catching any fish! Oh it is worrisome.


Captains Log


It’s boring really. There is no wind and if there were any I’d be able to smell mutiny as the crew are at it, imitating my perfectly poised foredeck accessing shuffle; hoisting my freshly laundered briefs

so that we make way under a very unclassifiable courtesy flag; putting my knowledge to the test by constantly bugging me with sailing or nautical navigation questions. They alter my music collection too. Fill it with rubbish and leave me less time with my Enya! At least they can’t get my Pringles.


Boatswains Blues

(1st Mate Jasso knows not, that I have seen this)


My cabin mate is noisy from both ends. Who’d of thought so much noise was possible from someone so skinny! Yesterday he filleted the fish. Man I’ll tell you, there was more meat coming off the fine beast, than there is on himself! And he busts the most important piece of kit on this vessel of balsa. Where’s a man to put his brew if the holder is broken?  What a twat! Skippers worried about the mandrill on the boom failing but that pales in significance to the cup holder and is probably easier to fix too. Ah, he’s good at the wheel, the Mersea lad, but I smoked a few miles off him the other night! Speed is what you need, speed!


Bens Bottom Line


Medi cleaned our heads yesterday. About time too, the slacker. She is a good room-mate really.

It’s great out here, all peaceful and blue, with plenty to do, such as sails to fill, songs to sing and thoughts to be thought. Yeah, I like it. Cruisy.




Daylight has come and brought with it wind

The boys are up and the spinnaker too

Forecast is good and its 600 miles to go to the Azores

And it’s a full moon tonight

So who knows what may happen then

When your alone with your thoughts

But for now it’s time to sleep





Written By Andy

Any likeness to individuals living or dead is purely coincidental.