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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Feb 2016
Wed 03 Feb 13:40 Re: Position 14:22.3N 60:36.5W 14:22.30N 60:36.50W
Tue 02 Feb 16:13 Re: Position 14:22.5N 58:57.5W 14:22.50N 58:57.50W
Tue 02 Feb 12:52 Position 14:22.3N 60:36.5W 14:22.30N 60:36.50W
Mon 01 Feb 16:01 Position 14:22.5N 58:57.5W 14:22.50N 58:57.50W
Jan 2016
Sun 31 Jan 13:26 Position 14:48.3N 56:59.3W 14:48.30N 56:59.30W
Sat 30 Jan 16:10 Position 14:43.4N 55:25.1W 14:43.40N 55:25.10W
Fri 29 Jan 21:33 Re: Position 15:14.3N 51:33.0W 15:14.30N 51:33.00W
Thu 28 Jan 17:22 Position 15:14.3N 51:33.0W 15:14.30N 51:33.00W
Thu 28 Jan 05:17 Position 15:24.3N 50:36.1W 15:24.30N 50:36.10W
Mon 25 Jan 20:47 Position 15:34.6N 45:42.1W 15:34.60N 45:42.10W
Mon 25 Jan 19:06 Re: Position 15:54.7N 42:42.9W 15:54.70N 42:42.90W
Mon 25 Jan 14:37 Position 15:54.7N 42:42.9W 15:54.70N 42:42.90W
Sun 24 Jan 18:58 Position 15:41.7N 40.50.0W 15:41.70N 40:50.00W
Sat 23 Jan 21:36 Re: Position 15:55.2N 38.47.5W 15:55.20N 38:47.50W
Sat 23 Jan 21:27 Position 15:55.2N 38.47.5W 15:55.20N 38:47.50W
Fri 22 Jan 13:45 Position 16:02.6N 36:23.7W 16:02.60N 36:23.70W
Fri 22 Jan 09:21 Re: Position 16:07.7N 34:09.6W 16:07.70N 34:09.60W
Thu 21 Jan 11:56 Position 16:07.7N 34:09.6W 16:07.70N 34:09.60W
Wed 20 Jan 19:01 Position 16:16.1N 32.02.3W 16:16.10N 32:02.30W
Tue 19 Jan 20:53 Position 16:30.6N 29:58.2W 16:30.60N 29:58.20W
Mon 18 Jan 22:51 Re: Position 17:31.8N 27:56.1W 17:31.80N 27:56.10W
Mon 18 Jan 21:23 Position 17:31.8N 27:56.1W 17:31.80N 27:56.10W
Sun 17 Jan 15:24 Re: position 19:21.2N 25:25.3W 19:21.20N 25:25.30W
Sun 17 Jan 11:36 position 19:21.2N 25:25.3W 19:21.20N 25:25.30W
Fri 15 Jan 21:49 Update 15th Jan 20:45.1N 22:51.4W 20:45.10N 22:51.40W
Wed 13 Jan 08:09 Lovely sun rise on the 13th after a good night under sail
Tue 12 Jan 10:31 24:14.7N 18:43.7W Lovely sailing half way between the canaries and the Cape Verdes a big swell so cooking our 3 kg Calamari was interesting but manage 24:14.70N 18:43.70W
Sun 10 Jan 22:12 Sunset
Sun 10 Jan 21:44 27:01.0N 17:25.2W 27:01.00N 17:25.20W
Sat 09 Jan 20:27 28:09.8N 16:18.1W 28:09.80N 16:18.10W
Fri 08 Jan 13:03 Final preparations under way in Atlantic port Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Departure scheduled for 12:00 hrs BST Saturday 9th Jan.
Fri 08 Jan 12:33 28:27.0N 16:14.7W Atlantic Port Tenerife 28:27.00N 16:14.70W
Tue 05 Jan 00:01 Preparing the boat in Puerto Calero -first sea trial tomorrow with all new crew and kit . Set sail for Tenerife on Wednesday and arrive for the Odysse
Dec 2015
Tue 29 Dec 12:38 28:55.04N 13:42.12W 28:55.04N 13:42.12W