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Mental Yoga with Mare
Sat 20 Dec 2014 10:31
Saturday morning already !

End on the watch round 6 UTC we had Saturn in our SSE coming up ! any relation with the name of the day?
In our W thus our heading, Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion, above Procyon in the Canis Minor, West from
this, Sirius in the Canis Major and East of it, Pollux in the Gemini followed by Capella in the Auriga , Aldebaran
in the Taurus a bit more South of the above.
Don't think we know all the stars and their constellation by heart, we are helped by a very practical "Stellarium"
Observing the stars brings a lot to human being ... Find his way, his destination or just dream further about new
stars and constellations...

Coming back to more practical things, yesterday, we went to the bakery in the well reputed Wave street just next
after 25°C square. Loïc and Bernard literally jumped on the fresh baked bread. In their mind, "Half a loaf is
better than no bread"!
The crop of the Alfa Alfa will take place today, otherwise we will be invaded by wild nature inside the cabin. The
growth of the germs seems to be twice as effective than during my trial in Antwerp. Maybe a new business: Alfa
Alfa Atlantic Ocean cropped . Problem is where to register the business, VAT NR etc,... Oeps also forgot about
where are the customers? 1000 miles away ...
Let's try something else...

As casino entry is prohibited for Bernard, we have organised a offshore poker table! And guess what? Loïc and my
self will have probably to put our Boat as a security deposit!Both we are very close to bankruptcy. Bernard wants
now to change the destination to the Caiman islands...

Heading 253°
speed 7 Knts sails in butterfly (my favourite!)

The quote of the day:
Boats are the closest things to dreams that hands have ever made.

Let's start another sunny day!

With love from the seamen.

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