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Sat 22 Aug 2015 15:50

San Sebastian we arrived today 1 pm. We are in the harbour on visitors pontoon that only takes one yacht! Up the wall steps into the centre of the old town. The yacht club is plush and if you order a G&T you get half a pint of gin and a bottle of tonic. Rob is now asleep and its only 5.30 pm. Actually he only had half a pint of lager.
On the way here we came close to catching monster tuna we saw leaping about. We debate:  do fish eat other fish or multi coloured chili's. I am for the fish, Rob thinks they are sophisticated vegetarians with an occasional bite at a fishy looking lure. So far chili's are not working. Photo shows our view out of harbour looking across to La Concha beach.
More tomorrow.

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