Arcachon: 44:34.78N 01:18.60W

Tue 18 Aug 2015 13:22
Arrived Saturday 15th Aug Arcachon after long day under engine. Entered the bassin d'Arcachon through the marked channel with breakers either side and the Dune du Pilat to starboard. A huge inland waterway and playground within. A couple of days here - saw Camila off on Sunday. Saturday night holds the record for the fastest service ever in a restaurant (adjacent to the marina), Macdonalds would be proud of the speed with which our plats were dished up!
Michel in the marina office memorably friendly and charming to my daughter (Sue!).
WC's and showers poor for such an expensive berth.
We left this morning through a calm channel and huge flotilla of leisure fishermen. after another 6 hrs under engine we are finally sailing at 6kn towards our destination Cap Breton. The Pyrenees are now visible at the end of the Cote d'Argent - a seemingly never ending and pretty featureless sandy beach fronting pine trees.