Day 11 - May 7th

Anthony Auger / Nico Philip
Mon 7 May 2012 21:20
Not much to report today. Ian and I had 2 ships pass by us on our watch last night, I didn't ever think I'd be so excited about two small lights coming towards us from 10 miles away. We tracked them on the Radar to ensure we weren't on course for a collision and they passed the bow at a distance of 1nm. There was a full moon so we could see them quite clearly. The time on watch passes much quicker with the company of two huge container ships.

Brett reeled in a Wahu on his 04-06:00hrs watch this morning. Other than that it has been a scorching day under the sun. We have been motoring again today, although we have supplemented our pace with the sails up achieving 9kts at times. The engine has just been turned off at the time of writing, as we have just had a light wind come through giving us a sailing speed of 6.5kts.