A dip in the deep end! 35:07.63N 45:48.60W

Anthony Auger / Nico Philip
Mon 14 May 2012 16:24
After a well earned day off I return to scribe a few more lines of badly written mid-Atlantic journalism for you all to read.

I'll get the details out of the way first: 1396 nm covered, 851 nm to go. Cruising under motor at approx. 6.5 kts as the wind is in an unfavourable direction.

Yesterday was a very calm day with a light wind, bright sun and a flat sea. Ian and I took the opportunity to add to our KitKat swimming badges, and earned our 'I swam in the deep end of the Atlantic 1000 miles from land' badge. The other crew members were less keen. Truth be known I think Don gave it a miss as he was worried about there being enough room on his skimpy Speedo budgie smugglers for Eunice to sew the badge to.

As Ian and I were drying off, Ian once again revealed a rather worrying side of his personality in commenting:  " Its day's like this J that really help to boost morale on board, you know, a day in the sun, a dip in the Atlantic and the opportunity to spend an afternoon doing the Laundry"!!! 

Of all the things I could think of to boost morale, who in their right mind (male of female) would list doing the laundry? I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to hear it given it was  coming from the man who likes to iron his pants, and neatly pair his dirty socks / fold his dirty washing before placing them in the laundry bin. 

Today its grey and overcast with occasional rain, so know doubt Ian will be doing the ironing.

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