I will think no more of the sea...

Melvyn Brown
Thu 25 Aug 2011 17:26

Of the big green waves

And the hollowed shore,

Of the brown rock caves

No more, no more….


Katherine Mansfield


This is a photograph taken yesterday (24th August) of Melvyn stood next to Zarafina berthed in Cobbs Quay, Poole.


He had done well to walk to one of the furthest pon­toons given he has only been out of hospital for two weeks and the first night he had struggled to get up a flight of stairs.  However he didn’t have the strength to get on board.  His convalescence is go­ing well, although he is still obliged to have his meals liquidised – and although it never looks par­ticularly appetising he eats the resulting slush ea­gerly.  He has put on 10kgs since he weighed in initially at 44kgs(!).


The Doctors are still mystified by his infection and it is unlikely they will ever find an answer now.