Preparing to sail The Atlantic

Melvyn Brown
Tue 26 Apr 2011 19:09
Apparently Paradise is too hot!  The temperatures are in the mid-80's and unbearable after about 9.30 in the morning when there is nothing to be done but find some shade until it starts to cool off after 4.00pm.  Melv has hired a bike and found a supermarket which is on a par with the ones in the US.  He has "steak" for this evening but as it was only $2-something I pointed out it was probably stewing steak and unlikely to be improved by cooking it on his B-B-Q.  He has also bought strawberries which cost over $5...which if anything confirms my worst fears about the quality of the so-called steak!
He has plotted his course to The Azores.  He is taking the Great Circle Route which comes in at 2043 miles, as opposed to the Direct Route at 2400.  The contradiction comes about because the Direct Route on a flat chart doesn't take into account the earth's curvature.  He will be out of contact for at least 20 days, but says not to worry if it's longer as the winds can be very light in places and he will not have enough fuel to motor for long periods.
The weather looks promising from this Friday and he has said he will Skype before he sets sail.  He hopes to be in The Azores by end May and back in the UK by end June.
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