Arrived at Marina Port de Mallorca

The Voyages of Fujin II
Stuart & Elizabeth Milne
Mon 27 Jul 2015 10:02
39:33.785N 002:37.812E

We arrived at our berth #E8 at Marina Port de Mallorca at 1000 today and are now getting ourselves sorted out with the most important thing being plugging into shore power and running the airconditioning! It is very hot so we will do the deck cleaning after 1600 when the sun is less fierce.

We've had a really great couple of days sailing. Yesterday, I came on deck for my watch at 0800 and we put all sails out and we were able to sail very nicely close hauled in reasonably flat seas and a F4 wind. We made consistently 8 to 9 knots all the way to Ibiza.

Having passed through the channel between Ibiza and Formentera at 1900, the winds died and we put the engine on at low revs in order to slow down to 4 knots, as we wanted to arrive in daylight. During his evening watch, Patrick put out the mainsail and we sailing nicely just on that at 4k nots or so all night, arriving in the Bahia de Mallorca at around 0900.

Our stern-to mooring went pretty well with the only mishap being Kez's left little toe which was well and truely stubbed. The crew did a great job in handling the lines, the slime lines and rigging up the passarelle so I could go ashore and register.

The plan now is to stay here until 30th July and then head off to St Elm but we have a couple of things to sort out with the Oyster warranty people so we may end up staying another night.

The marina wifi is very slow so I won't upload photos until I find a 4G chip somewhere and fire up the yacht's wifi.

Our logbook shows 2,098 nautical miles versus the log reading of 76 at Ipswich - so more than 2,000 miles! Quite a shake down trip for the yacht and the crew and I'm really pleased with both, especially the crew who managed not to mutiny at any point!

Since we will probably have cellular access for the rest of the trip, I will not update this blog from today but will post to the Facebook page every now and again. Our position report will continue to be sent automatically to as well. Thanks for following us!