Next pit stop in Cascais, Portugal

The Voyages of Fujin II
Stuart & Elizabeth Milne
Mon 20 Jul 2015 12:33
40:30.477N 009:16.134W

For the last 24 hours, were it not for the "iron sail", we would have been the very image of Colerige's painted ship upon a painted ocean. No wind, flat oily seas and heavy fog for most of the night and early morning.

On the bright side, this has meant that the crew have been able to get some welcome sleep.

I fired up tehe generator for the first time in the early hours of the morning so that we could also get the watermaker going. All worked fine after figuring out that there is a manifold valve which needs to be open in order to route raw sea water to the watermaker. We had filled the tanks with 750l of water at Camaret and were down to around 50l or so. Now we are pretty full again and we know that the genset and watermaker to actually work as intended!

We are now off the coast of Portugal and, given the amount of motoring we have had to do, we will put ito Cascais (near Lisbon) for a short stop to refuel. We expect to arrive there around 0600 tomorrow and will probably leave around 1000, assuming the fuel dock is not open 24 hours.

Winds are supposed to kick in from a favourable northerly direction later today so we hope to be sailing again before too long.

It looks like an early morning Thursday arrival at Gibraltar. Perhaps a bit earlier if we have some good wind.