On Our Way!

The Voyages of Fujin II
Stuart & Elizabeth Milne
Tue 14 Jul 2015 17:33
51 01.544N; 001 13.991E

Under a leaden sky, we slipped our lines at 0800 and headed down the Orwell, bound for Gibraltar and on to Mallorca and Valencia. Finally on our way after a week of frantic work to pull everything together and a sensational launch party at Ipswich - it was fantastic to see so many friends and family! We passed by Sunk Sands and Black Deep, crossing the Thames estuary. Then North Foreland and inside the famous ships' graveyard of Goodwin Sands. We are now heading towards Dungeness, then Beachy Head.

We are 6 on board - skipper Richard and his wife Michelle (both RYA Yachtmasters), Will from Oyster (to verify our export of the yacht to Guernsey), Patrick, Kez (Patrick's friends from St Andrews University) and me. We are doing watches of 3 hours on, 6 hours off with Patrick paired with Michelle, Kez with Will and me with Richard. Richard and I will have the darkest watch from 0000 to 0300 so we can gets some practice with lights!

So far, the weather has not been conducive to sailing - wind on the nose with some large and uncomfortable chop. So we are motoring to keep up speed as we need to be at the Alderney Race to catch the last of the ebb tide tomorrow afternoon. The weather should calm down a little tonight, allowing us some sleep when off watch.

Sandwiches and left over cheese from the launch party for lunch and lasagna with garlic bread now in the oven for dinner at 1900, so all's well aboard Fujin II!




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