Onwards! Ever onwards!

Shangrila's web diary
Ali Pery and Shane Warriker
Sun 9 Jun 2013 13:47
We’ve had a look at the latest weather information, had a discussion, put it to the vote and made the unanimous decision that we are going to be pressing onwards from our Cape Finisterre waypoint.  We did discuss pulling in to La Coruna, but the forecast is so good, with a gentle start, and then winds building from tomorrow, but coming from behind us and pushing us across Bisacy, that it seems pointless to waste such a good opportunity.  If we did pull into La Coruna, we be stuck there for weeks waiting for the next opportunity.
We will be out of mobile phone range quite quickly, and will probably be so for the next three days, so if you don’t hear anything, please don’t panic.  We do have the satellite phone which will be pressed into service, but depending on conditions, it may or may not work.  Obviously we hope that it will work.
Until the next time, stay safe, with love from three of us (Shane, Keith and Russell).