Approaching Cascais

Shangrila's web diary
Ali Pery and Shane Warriker
Fri 7 Jun 2013 11:18
38:32.358N 009:25.284W
We are going to be making a quick “splash and dash” for more fuel in Cascais, on the West Portuguese coast in a couple of hours time.
Forgive the dreary blog today, but we are sailing again at last, making the most of this unseasonal weather while the gods smile down on us and deliver very helpful winds.  There may be a bit of a bash into it this afternoon, then current forecasts predict more favourable stuff later on.   If conditions continue as they are (and forecast) it is quite feasible that we could ride on the coat tails of this system all the way across Biscay too!  Of course it depends on how conditions continue, and how good progress is, and of course how the lads are able to handle their commitments.
Watch this space.