A strange thing happened on the way to Gibraltar

Shangrila's web diary
Ali Pery and Shane Warriker
Tue 4 Jun 2013 06:15

36:34.074N 002:46.045W

After a peaceful night skirting the Spanish mainland with nothing exciting to report, except the rounding of Cabo de Gato and altering course directly for Gibraltar, the sun rose this morning to reveal the snow capped mountains (Sierra Nevada?) clearly visible from our warm and cosy little boat.

 It’s all a bit surreal to be at sea and look at snow, but then again, they do say stranger things happen at sea.


We’ll probably be out of phone range for the next while until we approach Gibraltar, because our course is going to take us further away from the mainland as we head directly towards Gib, taking full advantage of the benign wind and sea conditions.


Until then, stay safe.