Alone in the north....or go south till the butter melts!

Sun 3 Dec 2017 04:45
We choose to stay north of the pack, only accompanied by Ellen who has been tracking us for the last 36 hrs. They called us on the VHF today, bragging about the six fish they had caught. It was nice with a chat and yes......we were a bit jealous! Last 24 hrs we have used the good winds to get south, hopefully without costing us too much. Tomorrow we plot a new line to St.Lucia and it's all about speed! As you can see from photo, Anita has been updating us on our competition. Tomorrow is comeback time! There are some fast boats in our group which will be hard to catch up on, but.......there is about 20 others we should have a fair chance on. Yes, must admit the competitive side of us is cribbing. That set aside, safety and having fun is most important.

PNG image

Strong competition.

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Tiffin, another Norwegian boat, coming up behind us!

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