Tonight is the night........!

Mon 27 Nov 2017 05:58
It's one week since we left Las Palmas. It's less than 2000 Nautical miles to St.Lucia. We have crossed through 20 degrees latitude. The first boats in ARC+ arrives in St.Lucia. We have no injuries, are safe and still friends. Sequentia is doing really well.....But the most enjoyable part is that we have entered the trade winds and our next waypoint is our destination...St.Lucia!

I believe it's the first time in my life I have spent one week in a space less than a normal commuter bus where there is no escape and the only thing you have and see around you is water. How is it possible to not "run down the walls" for a person like me who generally needs change and something to happen on a constant basis? I will let this question sink in and remain unanswered for the time being......!

Finally, what we all have been waiting for are these trade winds. Although we are just on the edge of them, they are finally here. They are warm, they are stable (we hope) and they will take us to St.Lucia.

We sailed out of the depression last night and, as expected, had to turn on the engine, which has been running for about 24 hours, taking us through the quiet belt between the depression and the trade winds. After a good 30 hours of rock and roll i think both us and Sequentia more than welcomed a nice quiet day. Good day to get sorted as we were waiting to enter the second stage of this Atlantic crossing. Dingy back in position, some minor repairs, down wind boom preventer installed, ran the washing machine and water tanks filled! Both Sequentia and us are ready for the next stage!

Our position has gradually improved over the week. However, as we don't really know how much motoring our other ARC friends have been doing, the individual overall positions of the boats is likely to be wrong. Especially as we don't know what penalties the ARC committee will impose. Our position could be better or worse than what it's currently showing. It's likely to assume that those who have plenty diesel supply have used it. We know quite a few boats have diverted to Cape Verde Islands to refuel. Hopefully from now until St.Lucia our sails will be filled with nice warm wind from behind.

Photos to follow!