1 day to go!

Sat 18 Nov 2017 20:44
In 24 hrs we will be ready to go.......! You can feel the vibration and excitement on the poonton, the restaurants, the chandelier.....everywhere! Did you remember to get this? When will this arrive? Can I fill my gas bottles tomorrow morning? Where did you buy that? How many are you onboard? Are you sure you have enough food? You have a dog with you? Do you need more crew? Thousand of questions in the air!

After the opening ceremony last Sunday more and more crew are arriving and on Sequentia, Adi arrived very late last night. The boat looks like a mess, but we have control! Provisioning has been completed and I bet we have the biggest selection of ingredients for Asian dishes. The sushi and sashimi will taste better than most places. Just need to get that Tuna onboard, which we will, as we have spent enough money in the fish equipment shop. Most importantly, we have completed the safety inspection with the ARC committee. Life raft, man over board equipment, extra navigation lights, grab bag....it's all there.

Where are the maids when you need them!!!! ksnthyyyy!

The comment from our Austrian neighbor in their Hanse 575 when they saw our fruit and vegetables supply: How many did you say you are on board? We are 3! Hmmm, we are six, maybe we need to get more food!.....and they did....

Adi got the "clean the vegetables" job!

No doubt.....the lucky number 

Most Norwegian boats went on the ARC+ this year....


Evacuation test!

We will be ready in 24 hrs......

No doubt....we will catch that Tuna

Your chart plotter software is now 100% updated

What seminar do we go too! Yes, all of them.

Almost complete....only missing the.....!