We have wind.....!

Sun 26 Nov 2017 03:30
Going from no wind (blue color) into the low pressure......! We only sailed on the outskirts of the weather system with wind gusting just under 30 knots. There were reports of boats returning to Las Palmas with broken mast and injured crew! We are glad we choose the southern route!

PNG image

Huge low pressure dominating the first week of the sail!

PNG image

On our way in.....daytime was great, but night was tough and bumpy as wind and waves were building. When tacking at 11 PM we noticed the rib we have on the front deck had slipped out of position (maybe because it's filled with wine from Spain.....). This meant deck light on and investigation and additional securing on front deck. Although it looked a bit chaotic, everything was safe and under control. S/Y Nikita was just passing us on our stern and called us up on the VHF to check if everything was alright. After 5-10 minutes, we concluded it was safe to continue as planed. My shift was over. Adi on Duty.

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