Day 14 - 15th June - two weeks out

SY Saphir -
Jeff & Doreen
Thu 16 Jun 2022 03:44
7:54S 125:57W

Noon to noon of 153.0nm which is more like our average and we have 794nm to go

The wind picked up at about 21.00 yesterday evening and we have been sailing well since then. Generally the wind has been fairly steady from the ESE at about 14/16 knots which means we can sail quite well downwind at a reasonable speed. We are more or less able to head directly to Hiva Oa aft the moment which has been helped by the fact that we worked ourselves North a little bit about a week or so ago.

Doreen was on breakfast duty this morning and she did a sterling job in what was very rolling conditions going downwind. In a way it is much easier in the galley when you are heeled in one direction as you can wedge things so they don’t move. When the boat is constantly going from one side to another it is like trying to prepare a meal while balancing on a SeeSaw!

Then it was my turn. We had the vegetable curry today instead of yesterday. I have to say that I impressed myself with what you can make from what seemed to be a load of scraps and it was really tasty. I will look at vegetarians in a different light now. I started with two small onions and a couple of garlic cloves, added some curry powder I had made into a paste, softened to all in a pan then added some potatoes, a pepper that we had which was a bit manky, tin of black beans, a tin of tomatoes and some veg. stock. Simmered to all for a bit then added some raisins and apple. You should try it but you heard it here first :)) Doreen did ask me how many people I was cooking for as it was a bit more then I planned in the end but at least if the fishing does not work out we will not go hungry.

And that brings me onto….

Fishing - Well the tinfoil worked but the 50lb line that the lure was attached to was obviously not up to the job because when we got the first bite the bungy went tight I started pulling the fish in with the line around the winch and then after a minute or so it went very slack….. The lure went but we still had the swivel and some twisted line. Back to the drawing board? Maybe we are going too fast? I still have lots of hooks and lures left so I will have another crack tomorrow. It seems the best way to get fish on a boat is tuna out of a tin!

Another great day in the Pacific Ocean