Day 10 - 11th June - Halfway

SY Saphir -
Jeff & Doreen
Mon 13 Jun 2022 12:07
06:00S 115:58W

Noon to noon run of 156nm which is around 6.5kts.

We reached the halfway point at 21.20 yesterday evening at an average speed of 6.6 knots which is not bad for this size of boat. Again it has surprised me how the boat will sail to its hull speed so easily in lighter winds and the smaller seas. It might not be as exhilarating (for me anyway) as the Atlantic crossing but it is quicker and much more pleasant living aboard. Doreen certainly gives it her thumbs up!!

Winds have generally been a bit lighter today but the forecast is showing it picking up to about 16knots true later today and we should have that for a couple of days. Of course forecasts are not always right!! But right now it is another beautiful day in the Pacific Ocean.

I was taking some video at the bow yesterday and noticed that we had a huge amount of growth on both sides of the hull topsides at the bow and all down the waterline. It looked like a boat that had been abandoned in a slimy river for years.... I have never noticed that before when at sea and moving, and am surprised at how quickly this growth has occurred as the hull and topsides were cleaned the day we left. I spent some time cleaning it off with the soft deck Brush leaning over the side and fortunately did not lose the brush. Probably the wax polish that I have on the hull has worn off now and has helped the growth attach itself to the hull. I normally dive on the hull about every two weeks when we are anchored and clean it which is very easy and you can do with a sponge or light scouring pad but I had not expected the growth to be so rapid out here. I suppose the water temperature which is currently 26 C does not help.

Doreen treated us to a “halfway breakfast” this morning of Scrambled egg, sausage and beans. It made a nice change from the norm. However we were both having trouble cutting the sausages (more like hot dogs actually) until we realised that they still had an individual plastic wrapper on them….. We had eaten half of them before we noticed :(. I am on dinner duty tonight and have saved some nice things so will send you a picture tomorrow.

All the best and enjoy the weekend - we will