Welcome back Huey!!

Thu 4 Dec 2008 12:35
Hi Guys,

At last we have wind, yes regular trade wind. It came in yesterday and is
now making Mikado sing as we zoom along at 9 + knots towards St Lucia. Maybe
we'll make it there in time to enjoy some of the rum punches after
all.....Stuey is more relaxed also, knowing that he may make his original
flight and therefore avoid having to pay a cancellation and rebooking fee.

With the yacht rocking and rolling we feel like real sailors again. Changes
the mood on board. We battled one 40 knot squall last night and had to
quickly douse the spinnaker to avoid damage. In fact the spinnaker is now
packed away and we are sailing under a full main and poled-out genoa.

Belly still has the fishing line out....I think he feels that given our
(wind) luck has changed we might be a chance to haul in a record breaking
Mahi Mahi or similar.

Got woken up by a familiar Canadian voice this morning on the VHF...Ziggy
from the catamaran Windancer had us in their sights and were trying to see
who we were...We established contact and had a great chat..Sounds like they
are having a ball as well...

Dinner last night was....you guessed it.....fish again. This time, Wahoo
Mornay A La Bell, served with zucchini and carrots topped with white sauce,
and followed by the traditional nip of Brandy and a few pieces of chocolate.

Planning is well underway for our halfway mark...sounds like some have
already celebrated theirs...At this stage I intend to "officially declare"
the halfway mark at 12 noon tomorrow....

That's all for now


S/Y Mikado

Current Position 16:50.96N 37:50.60W 1230 UTC 4 Dec 08