Another day in the Atlantic...

Mon 1 Dec 2008 21:54
17:02.25N 31:38.65W

Hi Guys,

Not much to report from mid-Atlantic. The days seem to be melding into one
homogeneous mass, punctuated by the odd gust of wind and our daily fish
catching routine. Yes we are catching fish...Mahi Mahi, at least 2 a day.
Belly gave the boys some instruction on game fishing today, teaching them
the finer points of reeling in a 5kg version on the game rod whilst being
towed along at 7 knots.

We are still teaching the boys domestic tasks such as setting the table and
washing up. (Ingrid, I hope your son will have progressed to "Removing my
Plate from the Table after Dinner : 101" as well as passing "Watchkeeping -
the difference between staying awake on deck and sleeping in your bunk").
The minutae of daily life aboard is providing its own unique humour.

Stuey rebuilt the stove today. In fact, I only asked for him to have a look
at the catch that holds the oven door shut...and now (after 3 hours of
intensive engineering attention), we have a stove as good as new. Everything
has been cleaned and adjusted. Belly was delighted to get his kitchen back.
In fact, I now feel reluctant to enter his turf....I'll get worried when he
starts checking the internet for new recipes though!! (Beth - I suggest you
remove your personal items from the kitchen at home, as you may be vanished
from it when he returns!!)

Our yacht speed has decreased considerably and news from other yachts during
our daily radio sched indicate we are not alone. We must be going slow now
as the squadrons of flying fish are now overtaking us. Still booting a few
dead ones off the deck as part of the morning routine

Listening to Boz Scaggs (thanks again Freddo) as I write this from the
chartable...heard it now for the 10th time. Wish I put the effort in to get
another 1000 songs onto the Ipod...or work out how that "livewire"
thingamajig takes a while for us old technocrats to adjust to
new technology.

I took a sunsight this morning with the good intention of reducing it to a
position fix during the day...I think that idea got lost with the second Gin
and Tonic at sundown. Maybe a moon sight if I get bored during my watch
tonight....1am to 4am this time!!!

Anyway, must go. The chef has just called "Come and get it" and the boys
have re-appeared from their late-afternoon slumber (that's the one they have
after their mid-afternoon slumber) to eat... The old farts took the
opportunity to have an afternoon siesta after a "2 bottle" lunch today and
are feeling quite refreshed...

Till next time

S/Y Mikado