Puerto Calero, Lanzarote.

Fri 14 Nov 2008 08:33
28:51.81N 13:43.07W

Hello to all, after a steady 4 days sailing with the moon lightening up our
nights on the way down sailing at an average of 7-8 knots we have arrived in
Lanzarote, only motoring for the first night until the wind picked up. Our
top speed on the way down was 17.7 knots, only lasting a few seconds as we
were surfed along a wave, at the time I (Julian) was having a lovely spew
over the side due to some sea sickness giving the fish some gourmet mashed
up a bit of this, a bit of that food, all this happened on our young'ns
watch, as the oldies were getting quite excited earlier about reaching a
mere 15 knots. No fish have been caught yet, even after leaving a very
tempting looking silver lure dragging behind the boat for 12 hours straight,
bugger but I'm sure we'll snag a beauty soon. I can't really write much more
about the trip down as I was bed-ridden for a majority of the trip due to
the all so enjoyable sea sickness.

On the way in me and Nick had a go at steering, it was quite fun. There have
been 2 little holes put in the sails due to a poor design of the spreaders
and sailing with the wind. The sails pushed up against the spreaders which
caused the holes. Anyway, after we moored in and got past customs who were
actually quite quick this time, we met some dutchies next to us (very nice
chaps) who are also sailing a beneteau 473 oceanis clipper (same as us).
Watching them leave was quite amusing, after looking like they were going to
smash into a few other boats on the way out, pretty funny to watch. As we
covered our eyes peering through our fingers wondering whether the dutch guy
steering was even watching where he was going. He eventually found his way
out safe and sound.

Lanzarote from what I've seen of it so far (the marina and the strip of
restaurants and shops) looks very beautiful, it's very touristy, lots of
palm trees and the water is quite clear, you can see a few meters deep with
ease. The weather is getting nicer by the day, its quite warm and tropical
here. We're going to check out a bit of the island tomorrow, and I mean a
little bit cause this island is HUGE! No way could you see it all in a day.
We had some of the local tapas for lunch a bit of squid, garlic bread with
cheese on top, some pork strips, some prawns and my pick which was quite a
dud some sorta peppers hot chilli something or other, but hey at least it
was a vegetable, the only veggie choice made in fact. After we had some of
the best ice cream we've ever had in our life, ice cream with cream and this
biscuit sticks and some chocolate sauce and our choice of ice cream and
extra flavour sauce. I froth at the mouth just thinking about it.

So now we find ourselves back at the yacht, going over safety stuff again
and organizing a few last little things that need to be done.

Farewell all. Hopefully you'll get another update soon