190 NM to go - On the Home Rum Now..

Thu 11 Dec 2008 12:06
Current Position 14:42.25N 57:52.47W Thu 11 Dec 08 at 1200 Z

Hi All,

Nearly there.....plans are underway for an arrival late tomorrow (Friday)
afternoon. Still have a checklist of items to work through...

1. Put remainder 3 beers in fridge
2. Remember what a shaver looks like and start a search in the yacht's
bilges for it (I'll do this at least 2 hours after task 1....it is hot you
3. Put washing in a bag ready for the laundry lady
4. Throw out mouldy carrots... the ones I found yesterday lurking
beneath the stove and hiding from the chef for all these weeks.
5. Tidy chart table and find the St Lucia chart amongst the scrap bits
of paper, DVD covers, chocolate bar wraps and magazines.
6. Make enough water for everyone to have a shower and shave
7. Find Mikado crew shirt and navy blue shorts.....maybe I should do
this before task 3.....they may get a bit smelly if they end up near some of
those undies that have been festering for almost 3 weeks now...
8. Move ARC banner to starboard side...
9. Finish reading book.
10. Work out where St Lucia is...

As you can see, never a quiet moment on board. Always something to do and
think about....

This has been a spectacular journey and a notable achievement for all of us
aboard. Although the winds have been (generally) milder than anticipated, we
have all grown in experience and tolerance. Yep, it can get quite "close"
being locked up in a 15m2 apartment for nearly 3 weeks with 4 other
crew...but we have survived thus far and know both ourselves and our fellow
crew members a lot better now. We even know who drinks tea, coffee and hot
chocolate without having to ask them....

Can't wait to get in. Looking forward to the rum punches, a grilled steak
with French Fries, a really long shower etc......and then catching up with
Jenny and Georgina when they get in on Sunday..

Bye for now...