Day 13 - Swimming in the big A

Mon 9 Dec 2013 15:19
18:04.814N 046:09.827W

Day 13 - Another calm day till the afternoon when the winds finally came around and we have been sailing steady since.  But Prior to the winds coming up, we went for a swim in the Big Atlantic. That was cool... Only Blue all around.  When you opened your eyes underwater, you only could sea BLUE.  No ground, no fish, no nothing!!!  It was an eery feeling.   But what do you expect when there are over 4 km of water below you.   The ocean was incredibly warm though but refreshing as well.  We would hook up onto a swimming harness, and one at a time jumped over board with a rope attached.  those on board, then pulled the rope to bring the person back.  Even with next to no wind, the boat still moves and it would be impossible to catch up with it.  Interestingly enough, no one wanted to stay in the water for more than 45 seconds.  It seems we all had that uncertain feeling of what might be below us in that deep water.

Here is what a great sushi meal looks like:
Michael calls it Sashimi because it does not include white rice... Just ginger strips, soya sauce and wasabi. 

And here is what happens when flying fish fly onto your boat.   Through out the night, a number of flying fish ended up on deck, some of them hit us on entry.  Michael had one hit the back of his head.  I was woken up from a sleep with a fish on my hand.  Yes, I let out a yelp!   This pour guy tried to escape the boat down the drain.  Unfortunately he didn't quite make it and we didn't notice till it was too late.