Day 12 Calm seas - Time at sea

Mon 9 Dec 2013 15:06
19:05:776N 043:49.437W

Day 12 - we had some calm seas and a time to relax once again. For a treat, Michael made us Sushi. Boy was it good. I'll include a photo of the Sushi meal tomorrow.

So here are things you can do and enjoy while at sea:

Lots of time to talk and get to know each other. Everyone on board has had an interesting life. Many lessons can be shared with each other while maintaining the wee early hours of night watch. FYI, we are on two teams that rotate watch every 3-4 hours. So one team has a member take watch with someone from the other team. Our team (Suzy, Marie and John) do 4 hour watches, while the other teams (the sailors- Phillip, Tage and Michael) have 3 hour shifts. Skipper Jan fills in where needed. this means we eventually spend some time with everyone through out the day. So we either trim sails and plot our courses during the day and at night, we make sure the auto-pilot is working, snap our safety lines in and talk while we watch the stars and count the 'falling' ones. Anyone on duty needs to wear a safety vest and at night, we always hook in.

There are other things to do during the day. Cooking, cleaning dishes and laundry are a part of daily routine. Laundry dries in less than an hour when hung on the safety cables. That is not uncommon for me living in Malta, but quite a thing for the Danes. Marie reminds me that there is much time to think, and there are things we learn about ourselves simply by having the time to look back and not having any distractions to interfere with your thought processes. Each of us have enjoyed caring for the other in one way or another. Phillip has brought out a few needles to help Marie with her sea-sickness. Suzy as well likes needles, but uses them for acupuncture. It sure helps you relax. Jan provides us good entertainment and the security of having a well rounded and thoughtful captain to guide us. Marie gives us ideas for entertainment and exercise. She played and beat both her father and myself at backgammon. Suzy spent a round doing fitness with her and then had to take a 3 day break! ;-) Michael our fisherman keeps us salivating as he prepares his fish sushi meals for us. Tage constantly checking the boat and making any necessary repairs. He makes funny comments and has a new t-shirt for everyday. As for me, I am the information, contact guy... to the rest of the world and sometimes helping us connect with ourselves and occasionally with our Creator.