Day 11- Ocean Friends

Thu 5 Dec 2013 22:25
19:31.772N 042:42.316W

Day 9 We passed half way.

To our surprise,  up popped Neptune, the king of the Atlantic Ocean to greet us. 

 He was so proud of our accomplishment, he made us honorary members of his kingdom, dousing each one of us in Champaign.  Phillip, an avid sailor of the Northern seas,  particularly enjoyed meeting Neptune.  He felt a certain comradity with him and had always dreamt of one day meeting together.

day 10- calmer seas and light winds.  We did some house cleaning, laundry and enjoyed some fine cooking.  Both Tage and John, our cautious cooks, did fine once again.  John produced what he called the Hodge Podge of the Manitoba Prairies... but we really know we have Johnna to thank for her recipe.  Similarly Tage cooked his second meal... not sure what it was called, but lets settle with "Rouge Coque au Pig"!  (chicken rapped in bacon, based in a red tomato sauce) Both meals brought forth compliments.

Tage is certainly enjoying his time and not without extra duties with repairs from rough seas.  He got the generator functioning again and somehow managed to resecure the main dining table. 

Some 'John time' either found reading about the life of one of his old students, Steve Jobs, or studying Helicopter Pilot manuals.

We finally saw other boats after 9 days of nothing but the ocean.  Two of them from the race- larger vessels, passed by. 

Then we saw flying fish.  Yes fish really can fly... it was amazing to see them jumping out of the water and then traveling quite a distance through the air while they flapped their fins. 
We then hooked a very big fish, but it got away.  We were quite excited to hear our fishing reel spin till we heard a big snap.  The fishing rod broke right off at the base.  This is all that was left of the rod.
We tried to reel in our catch but the force was too strong.  Big fish got away with our lure as it snapped our 80 pound fishing line. Must have been big!

Day 11 -  We appealed to Neptune asking for some fish favour and Michael caught a Mahi-Mahi - Golden Mackrel.  We enjoyed it for supper tonight and Sushi is on the menu for tomorrow.  Michael was very proud of his accomplishment. So were we.  

Between Phillip and Suzy cooking us breakfast and keeping us well fed on snack and goodies, there are no complaints apart from young Marie who is still not 100% with her tummy.  But this allows her much time off, sun bathing and sleeping on the front deck.... hmmm!?! ;-)

The Klee family are thoroughly enjoying this life dream of theirs and still happy to have us on board with them.  

Greetings and love to our family and friends.

John for the Marie Sofie Crew